Hi! I’m Dee, and here's my story...


I spent most of my adult life as a stressed-out, workaholic, disassociated hot mess of a single mom. Even as a child I had mental health challenges and confidence issues. Lucky for me, a tiny little thing happened that triggered a domino effect and changed everything. Keep reading to find out what it was.

The tiny little thing that changed it all...


In October 2014, my boyfriend at the time convinced me to join one of those MLMs where I tried to sell protein shakes and herbal cleanse drinks to my friends and family. I was hoping it would earn me enough money that I could quit my toxic-for-me job in HOA management. It didn't, because none of my friends and family wanted to drastically change their diets or lifestyles, and most of them hated MLMs. After 2 years, I called it quits and called myself a failure.

What I didn't realize is that the experience had triggered something that changed my life. 

It turns out that while I was busy trying to sell the shakes and cleanses, I was also healing myself. I discovered the link between what I ate and how I felt. The commute to work was filled with positive affirmations. On the way home, I listened to self-development books and podcasts. I started practicing yoga, meditation, and other ways to ground myself. 

The next few years knocked me on my @$$ again and again, but no matter what happened I always got back up.

I went through two traumatic breakups. One of my daughters chose not to live with me. I was having health struggles that drastically restricted what I could eat. That toxic career was getting harder to tolerate but the bills were not getting any easier to pay. 

I could've given up. I certainly wanted to. But, I kept finding my balance, again and again. Each time, it was a little easier. And, each time I regained my balance I grew as a person.

That growth opened up new doors for me. I found a man that loves me unconditionally and we got married, right in the thick of COVID, in a tiny outdoor ceremony that my dad officiated. I finally quit the toxic-for-me career and started an online business doing something that makes me much happier. Life is no longer about surviving by the skin of my teeth, it's about thriving.

All because of my failure to succeed at selling protein shakes!

Follow along with me as I keep finding my balance, and you just might find yours too. 

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